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BS Basalt Sleeving

BS Basalt Sleeving Basalt Sleeving Special Expandable Sleeving

BS Basalt Sleeving

BS basalt braided sleeving has outstanding properties including its resistance to high temperatures, chemical corrosion and as an electrical insulator. BS sleeving provides insulating solutions when extreme environmental conditions are present and serviceability is required.

Widely used in metallurgy, the chemical industry and in aviation as a protective covering for hoses, oil tubes and cables.

Technical Data: 
Material: Basalt fiber
Operating range: -269°C-- +650°C 
Melt point: it does not melt
Flammability: 1400 ºC 
Standard color: Brown
Certificate: RoHS
Cutting tool: shears
Other features: Great resistance to the attack from water, salts, alkalis and acids

Part No. Nominal size
Expanded Range
I to O
BS-003 3.0 1.0---4.0 500 m/spool
BS-006 6.0 5.0 ---8.0 500 m/spool
BS-008 8.0 6.0 ---10.0 350 m/spool
BS-010 10.0 7.0 ---13.0 350 m/spool
BS-012 12.0 8.0 ---16.0 300 m/spool
BS-015 15.0 10.0 ---20.0 250 m/spool
BS-020 20.0 14.0 ---26.0 200 m/spool
BS-025 25.0 18.0 ---33.0 200 m/spool
BS-030 30.0 20.0 ---39.0 150 m/spool
BS-040 40.0 30.0 ---52.0 100 m/spool
BS-050 50.0 40.0 ---65.0 100 m/spool

1.     Nominal size indicates the flat width. I. D. indicates the round inner diameter.
2.     Special package size and colors can be supplied upon request.
All numeric data shows average or typical value, not including customized sizes.

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