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MELG Corrugated Flexible Conduit

MELG Corrugated Flexible Conduit Corrugated Flexible Conduit Insulating Sleeving and Tubing

MELG Corrugated Flexible Conduit
MELG/MNLG/MDLG corrugated flexible conduit can be used in a wide range of applications and provides an extra layer of safety against mechanical damage, UV radiation, weathering and chemicals. The flexible body allows wires and cables to pass through the tubing quickly and without snagging and it can be easily molded or bent to fit the required installation.

Used for insulating wires and cable harnesses in a variety of applications including automotive, railway and also for protecting hydraulic hoses.

Technical Data:
1) MELG (PE)
2) MNLG (PA)
3) MDLG (PP)

Operating Range:
1) MELG: – 40°C -- +90°C 
2) MNLG: –40°C -- +130°C
3) MDLG: –30°C -- +110°C
Standard color: Black and Gray
Certified: RoHS
Other features: Highly abrasive resistant. Resists acid, solvents and fuels.

Part No. PA Material 
Part No.
PP Material Part No. I.D. O.D.
(d D)
Bending Radius 
MELG-7 MNLG-7 MDLG-7 4.5 ×7.0 5 200 m/roll
MELG-8.5 MNLG-8.5 MDLG-8.5 5.5 ×8.5 8 100 m/roll
MELG-10 MNLG-10 MDLG-10 7.0 ×10.0 10 100 m/roll
MELG-12 MNLG-12 MDLG-12 8.5 ×11.5 15 100 m/roll
MELG-13 MNLG-13 MDLG-13 10.0 ×13.0 20 100 m/roll
MELG-15.8 MNLG-15.8 MDLG-15.8 12.0 ×15.8 30 100 m/roll
MELG-18.5 MNLG-18.5 MDLG-18.5 14.3 ×18.5 40 100 m/roll
MELG-21.2 MNLG-21.2 MDLG-21.2 17.0 ×21.2 45 100 m/roll
MELG-25 MNLG-25 MDLG-25 21.0 ×25.0 50 100 m/roll
MELG-28.5 MNLG-28.5 MDLG-28.5 23.0 ×28.5 55 50 m/roll
MELG-34.5 MNLG-34.5 MDLG-34.5 29.0 ×34.5 60 50 m/roll
MELG-42.5 MNLG-42.5 MDLG-42.5 36.0 ×42.5 70 25 m/roll
MELG-54.5 MNLG-54.5 MDLG-54.5 48.0 ×54.5 80 25 m/roll

1.     A BK, GR, etc. after the part number will indicate the color.
2.     Special package size and colors can be supplied upon request.
3.     All numeric data shows average or typical value, not including customized sizes.

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